May 12, 2014

(utterly having no eloquent idea of what the title should be)

Before you ask for something to happen, thank god for what already do
Before you ask god for something you dont have, thank god for everything you already have
...they said

I earnestly thank god for, at the very least, knowing you

Oct 15, 2013

Damn autoretweet

I'm new to twitter dan heran ada temenku yang sering nge-retweet news tentang mobil lah, gosip gosip nggak jelas, I was like why the hell someone would like to retweet those things? ok, mungkin dia suka otomotif, atau dia suka nonton infotainment.

one day, di timelineku aku nemu retweetan nggak jelas yang avanya itu cewek......(gitu, you know lah, seksi yang berlebihan). yek, pokoknya. Gitu terus, twitterku sering nge-retweet sendiri tanpa sepengetahuanku :(( Then I found out it's called autoretweet, and now I know temenku itu nggak suka otomotif, now I know how it feels like (apasih). Akhirnya aku sering buka twitter cuma buat ng-undo autoretweet - autoretweet itu asdfghjkl. Ada temen yang nyaranin buat ganti password : done. Nyoba ganti username : done. Nggak ada yang mempan.

Terakhir kali, aku buka profil twitterku dan..... Nikita mirzani bogel. OK, I'm so done with it. Langsung googling : cara hentikan autoretweet. Problem solved. Kenapa coba, nggak dari dulu aja pffffftttt..

Sebelumnya kukira account ku di hack. Gila, pede banget, account baru aja, siapa yang mau nge hack. berasa penting.
Ternyata aku sendiri yang authorize -_- bentukannya gini:

Cara menghentikan autoretweet : go to settings → Apps → Revoke Access (yang nggak dikenali aja).
Udah, gitu doang. Tapi nggak bisa kalo via mobile atau pake twitter for android.

P.S. I wrote this in the middle of doing my first block's assignment. Ok, Cheer up. xx

Sep 12, 2013


I'm always the one who steal a glance. The one who is caught staring. The one who is cautious of each other presence.

That's alright,
I only need you to stay where you are.

Just stay there.

Aug 21, 2013

... eventually

Soooooooooo I just got myself a twitter account. YES, twitter! Can you believe it? whatever. It was not like my thing, you know, I wasn't feeling like I would like to have a social media account, I didn't think I can control myself to not looking at it every minute, and I'm basically a technology illiterate (but dear some people, if I say that's the reason, doesn't mean I can't just go to, sign up, and follow the instruction, I'm not that illiterate. Besides, who the hell doesn't know how to utilize Google, asdfghjkl). So I didn't have any social media account, and I don't mind being called antisocial, and so on. Mainly because when people started to ask me about it, it became burdensome to actually make one.
But I have an instagram, and I'm doing pretty fine with it now. Well, time will tell.

P.S. I am officially a college student now!!
P.P.S I take medical program at Gadjah Mada University, btw

Aug 20, 2013

Divergent : Potterhead's kinda book (?)

This (soon to be) trilogy takes place in the city of Chicago. Where sometime -- in the future, maybe -- society is divided into five factions, according to the virtue each person upholds. There are Abnegation the selfless, Erudite the intelligent, Candor the honest, Amity the peaceful, and Dauntless the brave.

I was up all night with the first book (Divergent) and ended up having fever the next morning.. that reminds me of my sleepless nights with Harry Potter books (the Order of the Phoenix was the first book of the series I ever read). While I actually finished Divergent in that one night, I needed more time to finish The hella thick Order of the Phoenix (and also the next two books in the series).
Reading Divergent, I found myself wondering which faction I would choose. And since I was a potterhead myself (got to say, cause I'm no longer in touch with it since the last movie), I found it (the faction system) is quite similar to the houses in Hogwarts (Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin). What makes it different is, in Hogwarts, the house to join is chosen (or announced) by the Sorting Hat (citing Harry Potter Wiki : It seems that the Sorting Hat tends to place students based on qualities they value). Whereas, the faction is something people (not student) can choose, although there is this so-called aptitude test to find out which faction suits them best. After the aptitude test, there is this Initiation, another test to get through before someone can be part of the faction.
In the Divergent, there is another part of the society called the Factionless. Yes, for those who has no faction. What we've got in Harry Potter? Squib? And Muggles? Both can't perform magic, both won't get invitation from Hogwarts. Well, back to Divergent; the Factionless is for those who failed the aptitude test or the initiation.

That's all I can relate, for conflicts and plots it's totally different.

P.S. ALLEGIANT (#3) is about to hit the bookstores! Expected to be on October 22th. Can't wait!!


I just signed up for Pottermore two days ago, and have been playing it ever since! It is an official website by the very own J.K.Rowling.

So, my username is FireboltFlame11908, don't mind adding me as your friend :)
In case you think my username is a know, whatever you might think it is, the username can be chosen only out of five options given. I got : MagicMist, MagicalSkull, SnitchSpirit, NewtNox, and FireboltFlame. Had no difficulty to choose though. MagicalSkull and MagicMist was ruled out immediately. I like the Snitch but, Spirit? NewtNox sounded cool, but I didn't want to have newt in my name. So I was left with FireboltFlame, pretty cool with it.
To sum up, I was sorted to join Ravenclaw House, got myself a wand (wood : beech, with unicorn core, 10 3/4 inches, flexibility : unbending), and bought a brown owl. Too bad I can't give my owl a name, it would be Petrichor :)
Most of the time, I'm only exploring the storyline which is soooo much fun at first (still, it is, but not soooo much anymore). I have only won 2 duels so far, hahaha. And it's SOOO HARD for me to make a potion, haven't succeeded even once (without counting the practice)

Potterhead all the way \ ( ^ - ^ ) /

Aug 17, 2013

No, not a goldfish, but..a squirrel maybe?

I have a veeeery bad memory. Not memory like somethin you remembered, but the ability to remember things (well it's ambiguous).
I have a memory like a sieve. Just found out that idiom by the way B)

So one time, I was about to get some rice with a plate in my hand, when I opened the refrigerator and ended up leaving the plate inside.. Umm, no. Out of topic. That's just me being absent-minded.

Ok, the thing is, Percy Jackson : Sea of Monsters has now been playing in the cinema!! Wohoo~~ Nope. I'm not that excited. Its just that I've watched the first movie so I'd like to watch this one too. And the real thing is, since I don't read the book -- won't help much actually if I have -- I can't recall anything from my mind of what the first movie was all about except it had something to do with a stick -- is this even right? -- and, Logan Lerman. Of  course. Not that I'm a fan. He's not my type of handsome, honestly.
This is always happening to me. I can't remember a movie for a long period of time. And a book, it just lasts a little longer in my mind. If I really enjoy the book though, I will remember few parts of it, not all.
My brother is like my movie-buddy (have never said this to him though, and probably will never say). And he'd usually go like, "hey remember this movie?", "uh never mind, it's my fault that I ask you".

If having a good memory is like an elephant, then what's having a bad memory like? Dory the goldfish? She's a goldfish, right? She doesn't have to be gold, right? Ok, stop.
Somesay it's just a myth or popular belief that goldfish's memory only lasts for three seconds.
So I'd rather go by "having a memory like a squirrel". Because squirrels often forget where they bury their nuts. Am I that bad? Idk. And I'm not as bad as the three second memory of goldfish.

What's this crap all about? Just me being so bad at remember things. Sometimes when I meet a new friend, I have to keep reminding myself not to forget her/his (usually her) name.
..oh, I need to stop talking or, typing.

P.S. this is posted from my mobile phone, so.. idk. nothing.