Aug 21, 2013

... eventually

Soooooooooo I just got myself a twitter account. YES, twitter! Can you believe it? whatever. It was not like my thing, you know, I wasn't feeling like I would like to have a social media account, I didn't think I can control myself to not looking at it every minute, and I'm basically a technology illiterate (but dear some people, if I say that's the reason, doesn't mean I can't just go to, sign up, and follow the instruction, I'm not that illiterate. Besides, who the hell doesn't know how to utilize Google, asdfghjkl). So I didn't have any social media account, and I don't mind being called antisocial, and so on. Mainly because when people started to ask me about it, it became burdensome to actually make one.
But I have an instagram, and I'm doing pretty fine with it now. Well, time will tell.

P.S. I am officially a college student now!!
P.P.S I take medical program at Gadjah Mada University, btw

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