Aug 16, 2013

Total Makeover

Yes. I just deleted all of my posts. Completely.
No intentions. Just feelin like it.
So, should I start to make a new introduction? I guess so.

  • I'm currently 16.
  • I really love petrichor.
  • A night person.
  • Easily cry when I see other people cry (even from sleepiness) 
  • The kind of girl who has never have a diary (so?)
  • Afraid of
    • Clown (coulrophobic)
    • Small places (not so claustrophobic, but my breath shortened)
    • Cockroaches!!
    • Cats and dogs (I spontaneously look at their eyes, and it's just...following me)
    • maybe there are more 
  • I read novels. The ones that I find in popular corner of a bookstore, with good critics, the ones that many people read. I usually love light-reading books, not some kind of classic that I have to put many thoughts on it.
  • Currently reading : Divergent Trilogy, and The Land of Stories
  • I watch movies. The ones that highly recommended, with good trailer, the ones that many people watch. And no, not classic movies. I just can't.
  • I watch korean dramas. The ones with stories about teenagers, or a litte -- just a little -- age above. Sort of done with stories of gorgeous arrogant rich guy and a poor actually-beautiful (sometimes humorous ignorant or extremely shy) girl. But I will never, ever, watch it, if I don't like the main cast (Lee Seunggi), no matter how good and tempting the drama is.
  • I love Runningman. Isn't it obvious?
  • I'm not into some genre of music
  • I'd really like Gryffindor to be my house, and I'd choose Dauntless as my faction.
That's all (I can think of). Full stop. Point. Finish. End of story.

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