Aug 17, 2013

No, not a goldfish, but..a squirrel maybe?

I have a veeeery bad memory. Not memory like somethin you remembered, but the ability to remember things (well it's ambiguous).
I have a memory like a sieve. Just found out that idiom by the way B)

So one time, I was about to get some rice with a plate in my hand, when I opened the refrigerator and ended up leaving the plate inside.. Umm, no. Out of topic. That's just me being absent-minded.

Ok, the thing is, Percy Jackson : Sea of Monsters has now been playing in the cinema!! Wohoo~~ Nope. I'm not that excited. Its just that I've watched the first movie so I'd like to watch this one too. And the real thing is, since I don't read the book -- won't help much actually if I have -- I can't recall anything from my mind of what the first movie was all about except it had something to do with a stick -- is this even right? -- and, Logan Lerman. Of  course. Not that I'm a fan. He's not my type of handsome, honestly.
This is always happening to me. I can't remember a movie for a long period of time. And a book, it just lasts a little longer in my mind. If I really enjoy the book though, I will remember few parts of it, not all.
My brother is like my movie-buddy (have never said this to him though, and probably will never say). And he'd usually go like, "hey remember this movie?", "uh never mind, it's my fault that I ask you".

If having a good memory is like an elephant, then what's having a bad memory like? Dory the goldfish? She's a goldfish, right? She doesn't have to be gold, right? Ok, stop.
Somesay it's just a myth or popular belief that goldfish's memory only lasts for three seconds.
So I'd rather go by "having a memory like a squirrel". Because squirrels often forget where they bury their nuts. Am I that bad? Idk. And I'm not as bad as the three second memory of goldfish.

What's this crap all about? Just me being so bad at remember things. Sometimes when I meet a new friend, I have to keep reminding myself not to forget her/his (usually her) name.
..oh, I need to stop talking or, typing.

P.S. this is posted from my mobile phone, so.. idk. nothing.

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