Aug 20, 2013


I just signed up for Pottermore two days ago, and have been playing it ever since! It is an official website by the very own J.K.Rowling.

So, my username is FireboltFlame11908, don't mind adding me as your friend :)
In case you think my username is a know, whatever you might think it is, the username can be chosen only out of five options given. I got : MagicMist, MagicalSkull, SnitchSpirit, NewtNox, and FireboltFlame. Had no difficulty to choose though. MagicalSkull and MagicMist was ruled out immediately. I like the Snitch but, Spirit? NewtNox sounded cool, but I didn't want to have newt in my name. So I was left with FireboltFlame, pretty cool with it.
To sum up, I was sorted to join Ravenclaw House, got myself a wand (wood : beech, with unicorn core, 10 3/4 inches, flexibility : unbending), and bought a brown owl. Too bad I can't give my owl a name, it would be Petrichor :)
Most of the time, I'm only exploring the storyline which is soooo much fun at first (still, it is, but not soooo much anymore). I have only won 2 duels so far, hahaha. And it's SOOO HARD for me to make a potion, haven't succeeded even once (without counting the practice)

Potterhead all the way \ ( ^ - ^ ) /

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